The most valuable of metals

Copper is one of the most valuable metals, and our copper strips and copper sheets are widely used in construction, electronics, automotive and other industries.

Our company offers a wide range of copper strips and copper sheets in various sizes. We produce copper strips with a thickness of 0.1 mm to 3 mm and a width of 5 to 310 mm (on individual request, we can produce a copper strip with a greater width). We also sell copper in the form of strips and copper sheets – thickness from 0.3 mm to 50 mm (up to 100 mm upon agreement), width from 310 mm to 1000 mm, length up to 2500 mm.


Roof strips and copper anodes

The main advantages of copper are high resistance to moisture, high plasticity and excellent electrical conductivity. It is an excellent material for roof tapes – it never rusts, but with time it becomes covered with a patina and then acquires a unique appearance. It is also used to carry out galvanic processes – our company produces high-quality copper anodes that are used for them. The automotive industry uses copper products for the production of radiators and engines. Copper is also a raw material often used by metalworkers. An additional advantage of copper is that as a raw material it is virtually indestructible – it can be recycled many times without losing its basic properties. In our company, we use used copper to produce new copper sheets and copper strips.

It is also an indispensable raw material for the production of many alloys, which we also manufacture in our company. We offer, among others bronze and brass strips and sheets in various sizes. We produce many varieties of copper alloys created according to Polish and European standards.

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Copper Strips / Copper Sheets


  • construction industry

  • electronics industry

  • electrotechnical industry

  • chemical industry

  • Automotive industry

  • metalwork


  • Strengths:
    r – soft state
    pz – condition after cold rolling (semi-hard, hard and equivalents according to other standards)
    pg – condition after hot rolling

  • Upon agreement, it is possible to produce strips and sheets with specific properties

  • Hard metal sheets are made up to a thickness of 5 mm

  • The products are manufactured in accordance with the following standards: PN, EN, ASTM, DIN, GOST, JIS

* The width and length of hot-rolled sheets with a thickness of 50 ÷ 100 mm are made upon agreement


PN-77/H-82120 Foreign standard equivalents
PN-EN 1652 PN-EN 13599 DIN 1787 ASTM B152 JIS H3100 BS 2870 GOST
 Cu99,9 M1E Cu-ETP;
Cu-ETP E-Cu57;
C11000 C1100 C101 M1
M1R Cu-DLP SW-Cu C12000 C1200 M1R
M2R Cu-DHP SF-CU SF-CU C12200 C1220 C106 M2R
Cu99,7 M2G
Cu99,95 Cu-HCP,


Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Strain hardening Coil inside diameter [mm]
0,10 – 0,14 5 – 9 pz 260, 360
10 – 310* 100, 200, 300, 400, 500
0,15 – 0,60 5 – 9 r, pz 260, 360 
10 – 310* 100, 200, 300, 400, 500
0,50 – 1,00 max 310* r, pz 260, 300, 400, 500
1,00 – 3,00 max 310* 400 , 500
* another width is possible in agreement with the Customer


Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [mm] Strain hardening
0,30 – 2,19 max 310* max 2500 r, pz
2,20 – 10,00 max 1000
5,00 – 100,00** max 1000 pg
* another width is possible in agreement with the Customer
**width and length of plates after cold rolling with a thickness of 50 – 100mm are also manufactured after previous agreement

Copper is a chemical element belonging to the group of transition metals. It has a density of 8.96 g / cm³ and a melting point of 1084.45 degrees Celsius. After cleaning and smelting, it transforms into a soft metal that perfectly conducts heat and electricity. The high electrical conductivity of 59.6 × 106 S / m and high thermal conductivity are mainly due to the low hardness of this metal.

In our plant, we produce copper products: copper sheets and copper strips. These elements are widely used in many areas, including:

  • construction (roofing products, roofing and flooring),

  • electronics (shielding of transformers, cables, housings),

  • electrician (discharge of electric charges),

  • machine and automotive industry (production of coolers and engines),

  • chemistry and metalwork.

Why is it worth using copper sheets and strips? Well, these products have many advantages that make them unmatched in a given application:

  1. Undoubtedly, tightness and durability, which can be most noticed in roofing materials that can last up to 300 years.
  2. Resistant to weather conditions and moisture (it does not let it through in any way).
  3. Copper can be formed in any way, which is especially appreciated in the case of a roof with an unusual structure.
  4. They require absolutely no maintenance.
  5. After a period of about 5-10 years – depending on the environment – the so-called patina, i.e. green-gray copper oxide protecting them against corrosion. In addition, it further emphasizes the unique appearance of the elements.
  6. Copper is an environmentally friendly metal due to the fact that it can be recycled many times.

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