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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services2022-05-30T10:00:33+02:00

Laboratory Services

We provide laboratory services using the equipment of world-class suppliers. Control and measurement instruments have the required calibration, calibration and checking periods.

We invite you to cooperation.

Static tensile test2022-05-30T09:09:53+02:00

Tensile test according to the standard: PN – EN 10002-1

  • Tensile strength – Rm [MPa]

  • Elongation – A [%]

  • Umowna granica plastyczności – Rp0,2 [MPa]

  • Moduł Younga – E [MPa]

It is possible to prepare samples for testing by our laboratory

Vickers hardness2022-05-30T09:18:19+02:00

Hardness test according to the standard: PN-EN 6507-1

  • HV1

  • HV10

  • HV30

  • HV50

It is possible to measure the hardness on other loads (not calibrated)

Vickers microhardness2022-05-30T09:29:33+02:00

Microhardness test according to the standard: PN-EN 6507-1

  • HV0.2

  • HV0.3

  • HV0.5

Surface roughness2022-05-30T09:35:30+02:00

Microhardness test according to the standard: PN – EN 4288

  • Arithmetic mean of profile ordinates – Ra [µm]

  • The highest height of the roughness profile – Rz [µm]

  • Total profile height – Rt [µm]

  • Maximum roughness height – Rmax [µm]

Electrical conductivity by the eddy current method2022-05-30T09:41:13+02:00

Conductivity test according to the standard: ASTM E 1004

  • IACS conductivity [%]

  • Conductivity [MS / m]

Chemical composition analysis2022-07-12T14:13:58+02:00

Analysis of the chemical composition of non-ferrous metals is performed using techniques (AAS, XRF) and classical methods.
For metals of unknown composition, it is possible to perform a semi-quantitative XRF analysis.

  • Chemical composition [%]


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