Silver Lut / Silver Binder

The binder in the welding segment is a joint that results from the physical process of joining materials by fusing and solidifying. In our rolling mill, we produce silver binder, the interchangeable name of which is silver solder.

Silver solder is used to braze many materials, such as:

  • cast iron,

  • carbon steel,

  • low alloy steel,

  • stainless steel,

  • copper,

  • copper alloys,

  • nickel,

  • nickel alloys.

It is therefore used in the electrical, refrigeration, mechanical and food industries for flame and induction soldering.

Silver binders have many advantages. These certainly include shear resistance, toughness and fatigue. In addition, they are not affected by alkalis and acids and are well wetted, and this effect can be intensified by adding tin. It is worth mentioning that tin is a metal that eliminates carcinogenic cadmium found in silver alloys.

Silver solder is characterized by a low melting point, excellent mechanical properties and excellent fluidity. It usually contains about 45% silver.

We also invite you to take advantage of our offer of foundry metal alloys.


  • incl. for soldering copper and its alloys and cast iron

  • carbon and low-alloy steels

Grade acc. PN-80/M-69411 Strain hardering
Thickness [mm] Width [mm] Length [mm]
LS 25 pz, r 0,5 – 2,0 max 400 max 500
LS 45
r – soft state; pz – state after cold rolling (hard)
On the Customer’s request products in the other dimensional tolerances are also manufactured.
There is a possibility of producing silver plates/anodes of the defined parameters on the customer’s request.


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